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WhipRight Titan 3.3L Nang Tank 2048G

Price range from $160 to $105 per tank



3.3L WhipRight Cylinder contains 2048G of the highest culinary grade N2O gas and comes with a pressure release nozzle.

Instruction For Use: 
Screw the pressure regulator with the easy push connector onto the bottle by hand. Repeat several times if no gas comes out. Unscrew and remove the pressure regulator when the bottle is empty and dispose of the bottle with other ferrous metals.
Do not allow bottle contents to leak into the atmosphere.
Please recycle both the tank and the cardboard using the yellow bin.

– Keep out of reach of children. You must be over 18 to purchase this product!
– For Food/ Kitchen/ Bar use only. Not for medical use nor to be reused again.

-Brand: InstaWhip
-Conditions: Brand New
-Type: Whipped Cream Charger
-Material: Stainless Steel, Metal
-Color: Blue and White
– Per Tank Net Weight: 2048G N2O Gas

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